For 20 years, we have been helping companies who sell high value-added products and services to grow. We position ourselves as real partners and therefore have chosen only to become involved in professions in which we have expert knowledge. We vary our activity by acquiring companies who operate in different sectors (industrial, building), different areas (stainless steel, plastics, mechanics etc.) and in different countries. This way, we spread the operating risks in order to guarantee the industrial longevity of Oryx Partner.

We handle handover and financing issues with the aim of creating strategic and economic deployment. We offer our businesses our expertise, network and know-how in order to stimulate growth and reveal their potential. We work with them to make them the leaders of the future. This is achieved by providing organic or external reinforcements and proposing innovative handover or funding strategies adapted to suit them. We work together with our teams of entrepreneurs to define the new strategic and financial directions to take. These are then linked to the value creation of our businesses.

Corporate profile

We have an active and enduring approach to commitment, which means that we carefully select the companies with whom we wish to invest. We are committed to providing operational and financial services and encourage our businesses to achieve excellence. We are aware, respectful and determined shareholders: an attitude that actively creates value.

Profile of the companies that join us

French or international companies (Europe, North America)

30 to 250 people

€ 10 to 50million turnover

with a viable business model and ready to become leaders in their market,

B to B specialists and service oriented in sectors with strong barriers to entry,

boast experienced internal teams and are experts in their field,

capable of investing in a long term partnership with their suppliers,

open to exchange and handovers,

transmission with a majority entry of contributed capital.


We lead our managers whilst respecting their role as company chiefs and work alongside them to create ambitious strategies. We build up trust and establish close relationships with the entrepreneurs. We operate a governance structure that is open and honest which is essential if our collaborations are to succeed.

1-Retain a great level of autonomy

Our managers are real company chiefs and they alone manage the operational side of the businesses.

2-Are minority shareholders

They are kept up-to-date as they are involved on a daily basis.

3-We encourage our managers to stay in contact with one another.

The Oryx Partner network enables them to consult one another on the common issues experienced by SMEs and compare their ideas and experiences in order to work more efficiently and gain expertise.

4-Have the means to refocus on their business

We provide them with solutions so that they can fully concentrate on developing their business, relieving them of all property, legal, financial and insurance issues.

5-Benefit from Oryx Partner’s guidance and expertise

Oryx Partner jointly prepares a monthly accounting report and also produces organisational and accounting audits. We have made a pledge to be attentive and available, from management level through to Oryx Partner’s comptrollers.

6-Are committed to a long term strategy with the support of Oryx Partner

Our managers are provided with all the resources they need, without any time constraints, so that they can be fully invested in long term projects and strategies. This includes human, logistics and financial resources.